The Technical and Training (TNT) program of the National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER), R. of Korea, and the EANET Capacity Building Program have joined forces since 2023 to provide training on acid deposition and air quality management in the EANET Participating Countries.

EANET, through its individual training and capacity-building activities, has trained over 200 government officials and researchers in the region on acid deposition and air quality issues since 2002. The individual trainings are in-depth training courses usually conducted in the Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP) in Niigata, Japan which hosts the Network Center (NC) for the EANET. Participants endorsed by the Participating Countries are provided in-depth mentoring and support.

NIER, under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, has been the sole institute for research on the global environment since its establishment in 1978. With its headquarters located in Incheon, it has 9 intensive air quality monitoring stations and 4 major river research centers. It carries a wide range of research from environmental health, climate & air, water, and resources to energy. It also has provided support for research and policies responsive to the environmental concerns of people drawing on its research base and joined various international joint projects to commit to the global community’s efforts to protect the environment.

In 2024, the combined TNT and EANET Capacity Building Program was approved at the Twenty-fifth Session of the Intergovernmental Meeting (IG25) on the EANET, as a Project Activity, co-funded by the EANET Project Fund and R. of Korea.


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In 2024, the Program is organized in two sessions, each session being divided into two parts with the training happening alternatively in the Republic of Korea and Japan.

The First Session will take place from 29 April to 17 May 2024. The first part of Session 1 will take place in Incheon, Republic of Korea, from 29 April to 10 May 2024, followed by the second part, in Niigata, Japan, from 13 to 17 May 2024.

The Second session will be organized from 30 September to 18 October 2024. The first part of Session 2 will take place in Niigata, Japan, from 30 September to 4 October 2024. The second part of Session 2 will be held in the Republic of Korea from 7 to 18 October 2024.



The Training Program will focus on acid deposition monitoring (wet/dry/soil & vegetation/inland aquatic environment/catchment), QA/QC activity of monitoring, monitoring sample analysis in the laboratory, data analysis and reporting of monitoring data, monitoring and analysis of air quality, air pollution management and control, and air quality and pollution forecast.


Nomination and Selection Process

The National Focal Points from the EANET Participating Countries nominated one or more relevant candidate(s) to apply for the training program in 2024. The NC selected eight trainees from the EANET Participating Countries, based on their professional backgrounds, technical implications in monitoring activities, and motivation, to participate in the training. For any questions related to the nomination and selection process, contact the NC.






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