The Intergovernmental Meeting (IG) serves as the decision-making body for EANET within its institutional framework. The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) was established under the Intergovernmental Meeting, and the Secretariat and the Network Center were designated to support the network. These organizations promote the network’s activities in close communication, coordination, and collaboration with the National Focal Points, National Centers and National Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Managers in the Participating Countries.

Intergovernmental Meeting

  • Composed of representatives of the Participating Countries; and
  • Make decisions on the implementation of the Network's activities.

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Composed of scientists and technical experts nominated by the Participating Countries etc.;
  • Advises and supports the Intergovernmental Meeting on scientific and technical issues of the Network; and
  • Establishes task forces when appropriate.


  • Communicates and coordinates with the Participating Countries ;
  • Prepares the EANET meetings such as the Intergovernmental Meeting, the Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting, and Working Group Meetings;
  • Conducts the Network’s necessary administrative and financial arrangements
  • Promotes cooperation among Participating Countries and other initiatives; and
  • Promotes public awareness.

Network Center

  • Compiles, evaluates, and stores the EANET monitoring data, provides data upon requests by the Participating Countries, and prepares data reports;
  • Promotes QA/QC activities in the Participating Countries;
  • Provides technical support to the Participating Countries, including the implementation of various training activities;
  • Provides technical support for EANET meetings and organizes the Senior Technical Managers’ Meetings;
  • Undertakes research activities on acid deposition and air pollution; and
  • Promotes public awareness.

Organizations in the Participating Countries

  • National Focal Points
    • Communicate and coordinate with the Secretariat and the Network Center for the EANET concerning the implementation of the Network’s
  • National Centers
    • Collect the national monitoring data and submit them to the Network Center;
    • Promote national QA/QC activities; and
    • Deal with technical matters on the Network's activities in the country.
  • National QA/QC Managers
    • Promote national QA/QC activities in cooperation and coordination with the National Centers.