To foster the EANET Project Plan, identify stakeholders, and seek resources and assistance from the EANET Secretariat, in an early stage, the Project Lead can opt to prepare and submit a Project Concept Note to the Secretariat.

Read the Project Fund and Project Guideline of the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) complete document, for more detailed information.


EANET Project Concept Note

The Project Lead can opt to prepare a Project Concept Note of the proposed project using ANNEX-4: TEMPLATE-C for Project Concept Note, which includes key ideas and concepts of the proposed project concisely.
  • The Project Concept Note is used for i) proposing the project idea and concept; ii) seeking potential additional entities of Project Leads, potential Implementation Agencies, Partner Organizations, and Co-financers; iii) accelerating the development of the proposed project and preparation of EANET Project Plan.
  • Contents stated in Template-C are to be described as much as possible, while some cells could be left blank.
  • Project Leads can submit the draft Project Concept Note to the Secretariat for requesting Secretariat and Network Center’s assistance to the Project Lead.
  • Upon submission of the draft Project Concept Note and the request of the Project Lead, Secretariat, and Network Center, assist and coordinate with Project Lead to find Partner Organizations, Implementation Agencies, and Co-financers appropriately.

Upon request of the Project Lead, the Secretariat posts the information of the draft EANET Project Plan or draft Project Concept Note on the EANET in-house website for calling inputs from the NFPs and SAC members, and/or on a publicly accessible webpage for calling additional inputs/cooperation from outside of the EANET.


List of Submitted Project Concept Notes as of 11/07/2022

-2023_01 PCN_effects on ecosystem

-2023_02 PCN_FS of VOCs

-2023_03 PCN_LCS_HAQMN

-2023_04 PCN_PM25 source apportionment

-2023_05 PCN_capacity building for monitoring

-2023_06 PCN_WS emission inventory

-2023_07 PCN_WS_health_ecosystem

-2023_08 PCN_Research Fellowship



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