Navigating Progress and Future Initiatives: Highlights from the EANET WG2023 Meeting

30 August 2023 – Bangkok, Thailand

The Working Group Meeting in 2023 (WG2023) on the EANET was held online on 22 and 23 August 2023. Over 50 representatives from the 13 EANET countries, the Secretariat and the Network Center for the EANET, participated in the meeting to discuss past activities, proposed projects for 2024, and important administrative matters.


Activities in 2022 and 2023: Collaborative Efforts for Better Air Quality in East and Southeast Asia

The completion of EANET projects in 2022 and ongoing activities in 2023 were presented during the WG2023 meeting. The Secretariat underscored its commitment to Core Activities from 2022 to July 2023. These included organizing the EANET major annual meetings, leading partnership and communication activities, and awareness sessions, such as the EANET Regional Awareness Workshop in Bangkok and National Awareness Workshops in Lao PDR and in the Philippines.

The Network Center highlighted activities spanning 2022 and 2023, including continued acid deposition and air quality monitoring, QA-QC and capacity building activities, and also Individual Training, the Emission Inventory Webinar Workshop, and the MICS-Asia Workshop. Notably, 2022 Projects were successfully completed, and eight Project Activities were launched in 2023. Among the 2023 projects was the VOC Advisory Group Meeting in Manila, a component of the broader Feasibility for Promoting VOCs’ Related Capacity Building in the EANET project.

Screenshot of some of the WG2023 participants


EANET Medium Term Plan Mid-Term Review’s Inception

The Mid-Term Review of the EANET Medium Term Plan (MTP) for 2021-2025 was introduced during the WG2023. The Secretariat and Evaluator leading the Review presented the Inception Report for the Mid-Term Review of the MTP. Participating Countries engaged in discussions, sharing their perspectives and suggestions on the Plan’s review.


Draft EANET Project Plans for 2024

EANET’s Project Plans for 2024, submitted to the EANET Project Fund, came into focus during WG2023. The Network Center and Secretariat jointly introduced 12 EANET Project Plans for the upcoming year, ranging from continuing initiatives to new proposals. These projects included diverse subjects such as atmospheric deposition effects on ecosystems, VOC-related capacity building, air quality monitoring network development, and more. Participating Countries discussed potential overlaps, funding optimization, and suggestions to strengthen project proposals. Encouragement for external partnerships was highlighted.


Modifications to EANET Project Fund and Project Guideline and Administrative and Financial Management Guideline

WG2023 included discussions on modifications to the EANET Project Fund and Project Guideline, and on revising the Guidelines on Administrative and Financial Management for the Secretariat and Network Center. The Secretariat presented the current Guidelines against proposed changes submitted by Participating Countries at the Online Meeting on the Revision of the Guidelines. Participating Countries engaged in extensive discussions to refine definitions and procedures.

After the WG2023, the Secretariat and Network Center will prepare a new draft of both Guidelines, integrating proposed changes from discussions, for further review by Participating Countries’ National Focal Points, and including review from UNEP and ACAP, hosts of the Secretariat and the Network Center for the EANET.

The revised Guidelines, along with the EANET Project Proposal, and the Mid-Term Review of the EANET MTP, will be further discussed at the Twenty-Third Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC23) online Meeting to be held in October 2023, and during the 25th Intergovernmental Meeting (IG25) on the EANET in November 2023, in Hanoi, Viet Nam.


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Photo credits: Photo of a Common Indian Crow in Krabi, Thailand (2020) by Erik Karits on Unsplash; all other photos, all rights reserved to EANET.