New Face of EANET Research Portal

29 September 2021 – Niigata, Japan

EANET researchers have been working collaboratively for 20 years to study mechanisms of acid deposition and its effects on ecosystems, resulting in various scientific publications. These aim at creating a common understanding of the state of acid deposition problems in East Asia, and to provide useful inputs for decision-making at the local, national, and regional levels. Recently, an updated version of the EANET Research Portal has been released, displaying detailed information on EANET research activities.


20 Years of Research Activities

Why is research a central component of EANET’s activities? Since the early 2000s, collaboration on data monitoring and research has significantly improved knowledge on environmental urgencies in the region. With monitoring sites deployed in 13 countries in East Asia, scientists and researchers have access to unique data on acid deposition and air pollution.

In the decision-making process, policymakers need scientific-based evidence to guide their choices. They often use scientific results to evaluate the benefits of environmental policies and to shape government programs.

Over the years, EANET’s ability to bring together diverse players such as scientists, researchers, students, young professionals, and policymakers has made it a unique knowledge-sharing platform.


Sharing Scientific Outputs and Fostering Collaboration Globally

The EANET Research Portal was created to promote research activities developed in the EANET community and to enhance the use of the EANET data by the scientific community globally.

The main objectives of this page are to introduce research activities conducted by the EANET community, share scientific outputs from the EANET research activities, demonstrate the importance of the EANET data for scientific research activities, and provide opportunities for joint research activities with the EANET community.

More specifically, users can access scientific articles produced by the EANET Community, Reports of the EANET Fellowships, EANET Science Bulletins, and a database of research articles using and/or mentioning EANET data.


How Can Researchers Contribute to the Portal?

To expand the reach of this portal, Participating Countries are invited to share this page with their scientific peers at a national level, to link this page to their websites, and help improve its content by informing the EANET Network Center on any important paper using EANET data that might be missing from the database.


Access the EANET Research Portal


Interested in collaborating on a joint research project or on using EANET data? Contact the Network Center to find out more.


Photo credits: All rights reserved to EANET.