Mr. Bert Fabian appointed new EANET Coordinator

26 May 2022 – Bangkok, Thailand

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that the recruitment of a Temporary Job Opening (TJO) for an interim EANET Coordinator has been successfully completed with the selection of Mr. Bert Fabian, effective on 1 June 2022.


Mr. Fabian has been with The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as a Programme Officer since 2013 as lead for the Sustainable Mobility Unit’s activities in Asia and the Pacific. He has supported more than 15 countries in developing policies on transport, air pollution, and climate change and managed projects worth about 13.5 million USD including about 5.6 million USD allocated for Asia and the Pacific.

Mr. Fabian coordinated the activities of UNEP with the Global Fuel Economy Initiative and managed the Electric 2&3 Wheelers project in East Africa and Southeast Asia. He also managed projects on strengthening the air quality management community of practice in Asia and the Pacific and on understanding the relationships between COVID-19 and air quality impacts, policies, and measures in cities. Prior to joining UNEP, Mr. Fabian was the Transport Program Manager of Clean Air Asia. He has also worked for the Asian Development Bank on various transport and air quality projects.

Mr. Fabian has published and contributed to several books and studies on transport, air pollution, and climate change, like the Urban Air Pollution in Asian Cities: Status, Challenges and Management (2006) and the Transport and Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Forecasts, Options Analysis, and Evaluation (2009). Mr. Fabian holds a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning with a major in Transportation, and a B.S. Biology degree from the University of the Philippines.

The EANET Coordinator can be contacted at eanetsecretariat@un.org


Cover Photo credits: City Skyline by Thapanee Srisawat (2020), free of copyright license; profile photo: all rights reserved.