New EANET Brochure and Factsheets of Participating Countries

15 April 2020 – Bangkok, Thailand

The Secretariat for the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) and the Network Center for the EANET have released the latest versions of the participating countries’ Factsheets and EANET Brochure.


Country Factsheets
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Summary of Factsheets

Regrouping 13 east asian countries under its umbrella, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russia, Thailand and Viet Nam, EANET has released, in April 2020, the latest updated version of its participating countries’ Factsheets.

Composed of detailed, yet condensed, descriptions of the current situation and progress of the Air quality state in each country, the Factsheets assess the main sources of pollution and the related trends. The documents also describe the monitoring sites per country, their locations, monitoring parameters and types (Wet Deposition, Dry Deposition, Inland Aquatic Environment, Soil and Vegetation) and the monitoring results. Finally, the Factsheets highlight each country’s Awareness activities, relevant policies and future plan to tackle air pollution at a national level.

All country Factsheets are available for download in open access and in their entirety, as well as the Summary of Factsheets.


The EANET Brochure
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EANET Brochure

At the same time, EANET has released the latest version of its Brochure. The 15-pages’ document first sets out the environmental and regional context in which the Intergovernmental Initiative has emerged, justifying the need for regional cooperation to prevent the increasing trends of Air pollution in East Asia, before entering into details on the definition of the region’s major pollutants and the mechanism of Acid Deposition. The Intergovernmental regional network’s objectives, major activities and institutional framework are described, as well as the monitoring activities and EANET’s major achievements since 2001.


Find out more about EANET by downloading the Brochure.