The Twenty-fourth Senior Technical Managers’ Meeting on the EANET

5 September 2023 – Bangkok, Thailand

The Twenty-fourth Senior Technical Managers’ Meeting (STM24) on the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) took place in Niigata, Japan and online, on 29 and 30 August 2023. The Meeting gathered over 40 senior technical officials from the 13 EANET Participating Countries to discuss the status of the Network’s monitoring activities.


EANET Monitoring Activities in 2022

Dr. Shiro Hatakeyama, the Director General of the Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP), delivered the Opening Remarks, followed by Welcome Remarks by Mr. Bert Fabian, the Coordinator of the Secretariat for the EANET.

After presenting the progress of EANET activities in 2022 since STM23, the Network Center for the EANET (NC) shared the results of various reports on acid deposition and related substances monitoring activities. STM24 participants were invited to discuss and share knowledge and experience to collectively review these draft publications.


Some Participants of the STM24 in Niigata, Japan


Overview of the Preliminary Draft Data Report 2022 and Evaluation of the Results of the Inter-laboratory Comparison (ILC) Projects 2022

The NC presented the Preliminary Draft Data Report 2022. This report focuses on wet deposition, dry deposition (air concentration), soil and vegetation, inland aquatic environment, and catchment-scale monitoring. It includes a summary of the monitoring data in 2022 and related information submitted by the Participating Countries.

The NC also introduced the preliminary draft Report on the Inter-laboratory Comparison Projects in 2022 for wet deposition, dry deposition (filter pack method), soil, and inland aquatic environment.


Consideration of the National Monitoring Plans (NMPs), Current Monitoring Activities for the EANET, and Overall Air Concentration Monitoring Status of the Participating Countries

In line with previous STM meetings’ process, representatives of the Participating Countries presented their National Monitoring Plans (NMPs) and current EANET activities, including monitoring capacities, technical challenges, and future plans, while focusing on the general improvement of the activities of the EANET.

Dr. Meng Fan, Deputy Director General, ACAP, delivered the Closing Remarks. He expressed his great appreciation for the improvement of the data quality due to the efforts of the Participating Countries and hoped that the EANET monitoring, research, and capacity-building activities would continue to be strengthened through the expansion of the scope of the EANET.


The Report of the STM24 will soon be available on the Meeting Reports page. View the STM24 photos on Flickr.


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Photo credits: cover photo of Japanese rice farm by S. Tsuchiya (2022), other images, all rights reserved to EANET.