Kick-off Meeting – Stocktaking and Methodological Assessment of Emissions Inventories and Source Apportionment of Air Pollution in Southeast Asia

Emissions inventories kick-off meeting

1. Background

EANET is working to reduce acid deposition and air pollution in Northeast and Southeast Asia. It is an intergovernmental initiative established in 2001 including 13 Participating Countries initially focused on acid deposition. In 2021, EANET expanded its scope to cover broader air pollution issues and established a Project Fund mechanism to promote cooperation with other organizations outside of EANET.

EANET’s activities are guided by its five-year Medium-Term Plans and a detailed Work Programme and Budget including projects, approved by the Participating Countries every year. A project called “Stocktaking and Methodological Assessment of Emissions Inventories and Source Apportionment of Air Pollution in Southeast Asia” has been approved for implementation in 2024, at the Twenty-fifth Session of the Intergovernmental Meeting (IG25) on the EANET, as a Project Activity, funded by the EANET Project Fund and implemented in partnership with the Asian Institute of Technology, Regional Resource for Asia Pacific (RRC.AP/AIT).


2. Objectives

Emissions inventories and source apportionment of air pollution are fundamental elements of an air quality management framework. They enable policymakers, government regulators, and experts to better understand the sources of air pollution and their contribution to ambient air quality and identify appropriate policies. Many emissions inventory and source apportionment studies have been conducted in the EANET region.

This project aims to collate and analyze relevant key studies based on research and consultations with EANET National Focal Points and make these studies available as a database on the EANET website. The project will also identify follow-up opportunities and projects to work emissions inventories and/or source apportionment in the region.

An inception meeting of the project will be organized on Tuesday 26 March 2024 at the UN Conference Center (UNCC), meeting room B,  in Bangkok, Thailand. The objective of the meeting is to better understand the emissions inventory/ source apportionment situation in Southeast Asia and discuss with potential project partners the detailed activities to be carried out in the project. Participation in this meeting is by invitation only.


2. Draft Agenda (updated on 22 MAR)


Find out more about the EANET Project Activities on the EANET Project Fund page, and contact the Secretariat for the EANET for more information on the Emissions Inventories project.