Informal Meeting on the Initial Preparation of the Draft Medium Term Plan (2026-2030) for the EANET

National Focal Points and meeting participants are requested to download all meeting documents below:


  • Agenda Item 2: Adoption of Agenda

EANET/IM2024/2/1: Provisional Agenda

EANET/IM2024/2/2: Annotated Provisional Agenda

EANET/IM2024/2/3: Draft Program


  • Agenda Item 3: Objectives of the meeting – including highlights of the Report of the IG25 on the discussions on the MTP and the recommendations of the Mid-Term Review (MTR)

EANET/IM2024/3: Highlights of the Report of the Twenty-Fifth Session of the Intergovernmental Meeting (IG25) relevant to the Medium Term Plan (2026-2030) Preparation

EANET/IM2024/3/1: Provisional Agenda..

  • Agenda Item 4: Interventions from Participating Countries and Open Discussion

Proposed Presentation Template (PPT format)


  • Agenda Item 5: Summary, Next Steps, and Closing of the Session

EANET/IM2024/5/P: Next Steps


  • Agenda Item 6: Report of the Session

EANET/IM2024/6: Draft Report of the Session (to be shared for review after the meeting)



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Download the Provisional Participants’ List and the Provisional List of Meeting Documents